The Dave Hefner International Exchange Fund provides scholarships        for approved international study and travel programs for high school

students. The Rotary Youth Exchange program is an approved program. Scholarships must be applied for and are based on need.  Click here  for more information.

Being able to afford an 11 month international exchange takes achievable planning and work by the student and the student’s parent(s). The Rotary Exchange 2018 Financial Worksheet can assist in that planning process .


  • How do the total expenses of the 11 month exchange compare to the costs of supporting a high school student living at home? (car insurance, school fees and any after school activity fees, normal weekly expenses of food, clothing and any weekend activities and finally, any holiday expenses.)

  • Calculate the total expenses of the 11 month exchange including all orientation costs.

  • Identify multiple possible income sources to fund the exchange including student savings, student earning from working, holiday money gifts and family support.

How can I afford a Rotary international exchange to “experience the world”?